General Assembly 2015 / Visa




Visa requirements


for Members attending the CID General Assembly



1. Check if you do need a visa. Ask a travel agent or the Consulate ofCID General Assembly 2015 poster



2. Check if you can have a flight directly to Paris.


3. Call the Consulate of France, ask for visa requirements.


4. Apply as early as possible. Consulates need time for processing



5. Usually a visa application is accompanied by:

a) Certificate of Invitation to the General Assembly (signed letter).

Ask to be sent to you together with Confirmation of Membership 2016.

b) Return flight ticket

c) Hotel accommodation. Ask your travel agent or the hotel to send you a


d) Proof that you have enough money on you for accommodation, meals

and daily expenses.

e) Confirmation of Membership 2015 & 2016.



Submit original documents or photocopies, rather than scanned ones.


If you apply without the required documents your passport might be stamped "visa refused".


Visit this website regularly for updated information.